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So, of course, Primeval is back! Back! Back! The first episode was a bit of a slow burn (did we really need quite so much of Abby emoting in the Cretaceous?) but contained several items of good news.

1) There is - finally - a physicist on board (previous series have basically gone - "Look, we're trying to understand an anomaly in time. Who might be handy here? An Egyptologist! A Maverick Cop! I dunno, a gas fitter! We'll have Connor build all the timey wimey stuff, he's a coder with a dinosaur fetish so he knows all about advanced temporal engineering"). Physics comes in the shape of Dr Julian Bashir Philip Burton, zillionaire entrepreneur and inventor of the room temperature superconductor.
I have to say that the series as a whole is a bit short of room temperature superconductor type technology but they do have new wireless super-tasers that can take down a spinosaurus so presumably that's where all the development has gone, rather than into, say, long range electric cars or a lossless power grid.

2) Egyptologist Who Does Nothing Sarah has been eaten by future predators between series in an abortive rescue attempt, thus maintaining Primeval's gratifyingly high if somewhat random body count. Remember people, anyone can die at any time! Even when we're off the air!
Although in this case it looks as if she was part of a loose plot thread ("Hey, maybe all the legendary monsters of the past are time travelling dinosaurs! What we need is a historian!") which was, mercifully, never taken up. Because it would have been pants.

3) MAVERICK COP appears to have been left in the Pleistocene or possibly the Pliocene. Yay! His name does not appear on the cast list so hopefully he has been eaten by a Dinofelis or something.

4) It also seems like the increasingly annoying Helen Cutter is definitely dead as we seem to have a new nascent villian in the shape of Gideon the Man of Mystery. Gideon appears to be on a save the world jag and has recruited the new team leader, Matt ("I have an inexpressive face") to his cause. As we know, in Primeval "save the world" frequently translates to "kill all humans" so I'm assuming he's a bad guy. But WHO IS HE????? My current bet is that he is team leader Matt FROM TEH FUTURE!!!

Next episode is TOMORROW OMG

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