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Oh God our anniversary trip was amazing. Wednesday, To Queen Elizabeth Hall (South Bank) for Planningtorock and Light Asylum. Have I mentioned how much I like Light Asylum?

Thursday, back to the Queen Elizabeth hall, for this:

A Room For London is astonishing and beautiful and wonderfully detailed and full of books (Conrad, Ballard, books on architecture and sailing and colonialism and post apocalyptic). Anyway it turns out it is TOTALLY OK to get hammered on champagne and go out on the lookout (the high roof at the top) at midnight.

Friday we took a wander round the South Bank (after staying in the room for as long as feasible, because really we loved every second we were there)and went to Animal Inside Out at the Natural History Museum (which now (the museum, not Animal Inside Out) seems to include an escalator ride through the Earth's bumhole) and the Heatherwick Studios exhibition at the V+A. They built the Olympic cauldron, and also this:

It was the most amazing time.
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OMG. This still exists - everyone assumed it had gone when the flats containing it were demolished but the whole thing was secretly removed as one piece and is now in a specially commisioned building in Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It will reopen to the public in spring next year. See it if you can, it is a thing of astonishing beauty.

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So we went down to London Tues and yesterday to do some Christmas shopping and drop in on J's sister and family. We also visited "Building the Revolution" at the RA, which BTW we totally recommend. Apart from the exhibition of avant-garde Soviet architecture, there is also a 1/40 scale replica of Tatlin's tower.

The Dramatic Silhouette Shot done by my camera having an issue with the lighting conditions:

What it actually looks like

Human figures show scale of planned tower i.e. fucking huge.

Bonus pic! Yuri Gagarin statue on the Mall behind the Admiralty Arch.

We also saw this:

It is called "A Room for London", it's on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the south bank, and you can stay there overnight. J and I are totally going to go for it when the bookings open.

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