19/5/12 22:22
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I don't seem to be posting much here any more. I check it every day but that's mainly because I'm using it as a blog aggregator for English Russia, Idiot Toys and a bunch of friends' Tumblrs, plus one or two friends (and of course [personal profile] cleanskies) who still seem to be using it. Poor old LJ. I remember when etc etc.

Anyway, the Punt. Is it me or has there been a renaissance in quality over the past couple of years in Oxford? I'm not talking about Blessing Force (lovely though Hugo and co are) but a whole load of other bands. Many of who I saw on Wednesday.

I was genuinely torn between staying in the Cellar to see a bunch of bands I knew to be good and listening to some new stuff. In the end I managed a bit of both.

- Secret Rivals. I just really like them.
- Cellar Family - a bunch of new material, they have tipped over the line from "Mclusky stylee scabrous punk with slightly juvenile lyrics" to "genuinely unsettling". This is a compliment. Stop-start rhythms played thunderously loudly by their excellent drummer.
- Deer Chicago - not seen them before, pleasantly surprised. Indie showgaze. Shindie? Anyway, excellent glockenspeil action.
- Tiger Mendoza - full band out plus a bunch of guest vocalists. Top stuff. Hip hop beats, NIN guitar, bosh.
- Dallas Don't - again, not seen them before, really liked their set, Scottish punk with basically some very good songs. Never underestimate the importance of writing good songs.

I have to say the Duke's Cut is a bit of a strange venue (vox over pub PA so they seem to be coming from behind you at times, bands playing on the patio in essentially a pit full of reverb, number 5 to Blackbird Leys going past in the background) but the sound worked well as long as you were reasonably close to the band. Props to whoever was on the mixer.

Band of the night: Cellar Family. No, Tiger Mendoza. No, Cellar Family. Oh fuck it, can’t decide.

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