25/1/12 19:43
timscience: (SHOTP)
We had an email a week or so from a company called First Touch Games asking to use our music.

They're a local indie games company specialising in IoS games, their biggest hit so far is a football game. Apparently they like to use local music, which they get basically for free in return for some exposure and publicity. We had a bit of a think - I'm aware of the whole argument that if you're doing something for "exposure" all that means is someone else is making money out of your stuff - but frankly we could do with a bit it so we decided to go ahead.

We asked for a couple of tweaks of the contract (for example a look at the definition of "the video game" revealed it meant all video games released by that company for ever, which we have very definitely had changed as we may wish to renegotiate if, for example, we or they suddenly get huge; we wanted to specify the specific recordings as per that date not any future rerecordings of the same songs with the same names we might do; we asked for an extra copy of the game for Lizz since she played on all the older songs). But, anyway, the amended contracts have been sent off, a token quid has been exchanged, and I await the arrival of Fresh Tracks snowboarding with some interest, assuming someone will be prepared to download it to their iPhone or iPad for me to have a go. My Phone is Android so it's no use to me.......

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