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WE are back from our London excursion, which was glorious. More of that anon.

First, before going to London, I did some mixing - we have about 8 rough mixes ready for a possible album, some of which will go up on our soundcloud.

As a taster, here are the first two, we'll post a couple more. These two are, you might say, non standard:

Fanfare for Vyacheslav Mescherin

This might be a short intro track. I'm thinking here on the lines of OMD's "Dazzle Ships" with its intro excerpts from Radio Prague. That's something that worked brilliantly for me. Sorry about Soundcloud's rather brutal compression by the way, the weird artefacts in the synth sound near the start aren't part of the mix. Soundcloud seems to do something peculiar to extended synth sounds.

The samples are from a net station called Common Ground Radio who did a show on the Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra. Currently waiting to see what the situation is re sample clearance for commercial use.

Icebergs (Space Heroes Atomflot RMX)

This one is a remix of Icebergs by our friends 1877. I'm pretty pleased with this. I'm not sure whether to put remixes out as a separate e.p. On the one hand, a remix e.p. would be pretty cool and would tide people over until we have enough tracks for an album. On the other hand, if putting remixes in a full album is good enough for Crystal Castles, it's good enough for me, and I think the track is strong enough to stand up.

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