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Last night J and I decided to try the new shish place that's replaced Joe's cafe. It's called Oxford's grill and looks a bit shit from the outside. This is deceptive as it's actually very good.

It seemed totally deserted, which we figured might be a bad sign, until we realised it was Ramadan and before sundown so a lot of the clientele might not be eating just yet. Generally speaking delicious, with generous portions. Fans of the old Cafe du Liban will know the style although the food is Turkish not Lebanese. I reckon you could do a proper mezze meal from teh starters if you wanted which is half the point of this kind of place.

I had Liver fried in spices as a start and Iskander, a mix of meats on top of a pile of cubes of bread soaked in spicy tomatoes,as a main - both were excellent. We also tried Cankaya, a spicy dry Turkish white, which was well tasty, and finished on a good Turkish coffee. You can get a two course set meal and a free glass of wine for £9.95 which is pretty good - otherwise reckon on about 20 -25 quid per person including wine.

Anyone who misses the Euphrates might want to give it a try - the style is different but it kind of fills the same space on Cowley Road.

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I had a dessert there which, from its chewiness and piney taste, I surmised contained a significant amount of mastic. (This is good: I don't mind the chewiness, and I like the taste.) I had some trouble establishing that I was right, though, because they didn't know the English word & I felt it potentially impolitic to try the Greek one on them — but it turned out in the end that I was. We should probably go back, though: I felt Oxford was missing a proper kebapçı, and now it's got one...

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